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Do you want a garden overhaul or redesign?
Do you want to bring wildlife into your garden?
Do you want a lovely beautiful kept garden with out the hassle?
Then this is for you!

Want to escape from the pressures of life?
A place to recharge and reconnect?
Just not sure where to start?
Then this is for you too!

We can do this for you without all the hassle We have the knowledge and the skills to make this happen today!

We are giving away a couple of consultations normally £150 (depending on the size of your garden).

Fill out your details now and we will give you a consultation on us for FREE. We look forward to meeting with you very soon and turning your garden into the paradise you have been waiting for.


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Meet The Team

Simon – Director

Meet Simon – the man who lives and breathes the ‘simple life’. With a passion for the outdoors, wildlife and harmony with nature, he’s the perfect partner for your garden development. He started in business with a love for the outdoors and a history of working with the RSPB and now is the expert in bringing harmony and wildlife into gardens, as a healing approach for the stresses of life.

Ash – Senior Operative

Meet Ash – for over 5 years he’s been Simon’s right hand man. The guy that lives out the company’s brand values with every customer he meets. His service is exceptional and he is a highly skilled team leader at ‘simple life’. He’s really serious about what he does, and like a rare flower in bloom, when he’s smiling you know that he’s proud of what he’s created.

Harry – Apprentice

Meet Harry – the newest member of the team and the trusty apprentice. He’s super efficient and keeps everything in check, providing tools and other equipment as and when needed. He likes a good timeline and nothing more than achieving a deadline. He doesn’t let a challenge beat him and will always find a solution. He is the Piglet to Ash’s Winnie the Pooh and you can’t get a better team than that!

Our Services

Our promise is to build value into every project with exceptional customer service and work to the very best of our ability.

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