At Simple Life Ltd we love to design wildlife friendly gardens and we also want the world to understand them. That means we want to talk to you, Charities, trusts, schools; in fact anyone we can persuade to listen.

Your average garden has thousands of species of insects and so it’s important to ensure you also have a range of insect-eating wildlife, such as birds, small animals and other creatures to keep the insect population under control. In order to keep the balance and encourage the wildlife to stay in your garden you need to ensure they have the right environment to live it.

This is where Simple Life truly are in our element, as we love designing and educating people on wildlife friendly gardens.

Did you know birds such as blue tits, robins, magpies and animals such as hedgehogs, frogs, lizards and bats are insect eaters? Whereas, birds such as fieldfares, song thrush, black birds and animals such as hedgehogs, newts and slow worms eat snails and slugs?

There are also a number of garden features that encourage a wildlife habitat. For example, a compost heap is a great place for hedgehogs to hibernate, whereas thick hedges, shrubs and trees offering suitable places and shelter for birds nesting. A garden pond not only offers water for animals to drink and bathe, but also encourages other species, such as frogs and newts.

If you would like to find out more about some of the recent wildlife friendly garden projects we have worked on, please visit our projects section.

If you are an individual, Charity, trust, school or other institution that would be interested to find out more about our education services and how we can work with you please contact us today. As well as working with local institutions to educate, Simon Pollard founder of Simple Life, is also available to talk to local interest groups and schools.