The biggest WOW factor going! A complete transformation in Deal!

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Possibly our favourite project to date, we love the transformation, from the clean lines, the way the seating and the beds kind of meld into each other, joining the two levels together.  The way the steeps and the pergola are off centre slightly just to drag your eye to the far end of the upper level.  We feel this is our first real opportunity to show just what we can do and introduce some real WOW factor.


We haven’t managed to get a formal testimonial from Clare yet, but she has told us about how much time she and her daughters now spend in the garden and how it has become such a large part of her life and she has provided us with three leads, so that can’t be bad. We give anyone who gives us a lead a bottle of wine for each one, so she is making a collection!

Simon Pollard

Simon Pollard

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