Forthcoming Walks

All events are £25.00 and include a roast dinner or cream tea as appropriate, will be indicated nearer the time.

4 Keys, Bringing wildlife into our lives.  Why we should surround our selves with life and why that life needs us to.  We are all apart of the same world and we should experience it together sharing in the same joys as beings sharing one environment.

There are four keys to unlock the potential of the creatures we share our world with, we discuss what they are and how to best use them from the point of view of some of the creatures that inhabit our gardens with us.

5 Senses, Our awakening woodland and countryside walk that gives us the opportunity to really take a little lime out and give ourselves a little breathing space from the busy world we have created for ourselves.

We will actually focus on our five senses to really enjoy the world around us and enjoy a little peace of mind and relaxation as we were intended to.

A Book About Life, Love & Landscaping...

A story and a guide that takes you on a journey from business failure and divorce, through to success, love and happiness via the medium of gardening, landscaping and a love for nature that anyone can follow.

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