Green Screens and fencing in Marshborough (£5,000 – £12,000)

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A call from a professional couple with a collapsed fence and a collapsed hedge.  This is one of those occasions where you get to try out something new, rather than put in a new fence all round we suggested a green screen. Green screen s come in various shapes and sizes, just as fencing does.  It’s effectively ready made hedging with a fairly solid metal mesh for support, so it offers security as well.  Especially, if, as here you use pyracantha.  Within the business pyracantha is classified as ‘a nasty vicious bastard plant’, because it’s very spiky, but it has lovely red berries and our wildlife love it.  Totally fits in with our wildlife friendly ethos.  It’ll just need an occasional trimming to keep it in shape and job done.  It’s a great alternative to regular fencing.  I guess you just need to put it where you can see it so that we can enjoy the view as well as the creatures that will begin to inhabit it.

Many thanks for the work – we are delighted.  Gillian Charlesworth. 19 Apr 19

Simon Pollard

Simon Pollard

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