Wildlife Friendly Gardening Seminars

Learn how to attract and protect wildlife in your garden

Support Britain's effort to bring wildlife back to the everyday garden

The problem is stark and the mission is simple. Simon Pollard is aiming to help you, the everyday home owner, attract and protect nature in your garden. Why? Because Britain’s species have dropped by 60% over the past decade due to increases in farming and the construction of roads, buildings and infrastructure.

Gardens in the UK equal more space than all of the nature reserves, protected land and places of natural interest combined. The only way to help Britain’s population of wildlife species is to protect and nurture them in your own garden.

We attract and protect nature with something called wildlife friendly gardening. Not only does this help protect our wildlife, but it also helps to create beautiful, natural outdoor spaces that we can all enjoy more often. Places in our own back garden where we can go daily to be at one with nature, the earth and the very creatures that keep our ecosystem alive – from insects to birds, fish, frogs and mammals.

Attract and protect nature in your own garden. Simon will cover everything from hedgehogs, bats, birds – such as the robin and sparrow, insects – such as the dragonfly, damselfly and bumble bee, fish and frogs. All of these creatures have exciting benefits to your garden such as sounds, sights, colours and even keeping away pests like slugs and snails.

Create a garden sanctuary that acts as a place of peace and relaxation. A garden is more than just something to look at, Simon believes that gardens can have a further purpose. Simon will show you how elements of your garden can be used to reconnect with the energy sources that make us feel better every day – the sun, the air and the relaxing soundtrack of nature. Join one of Simon’s group meditation sessions afterwards to get an idea of how to truly make the most of these benefits.

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